Welcome to the website of VG5 d.o.o. - a modern Slovenian engineering company in the construction industry.


Our mission is to fulfill the wishes of the investor and at the same tima take into account the needs of the market. We offer professional and efficient solutions and at the same time we provide the agreed quality, deadline and price. In our work we establish closer relations with investors, because only this way we satisfy their needs, requirements and expectations and offer the best solutions with optimal cost efficiency in the shortest possible time. We support fair, reciprocal relations. When designing building, we cooperate with established architects and designers, thus ensuring optimal and professional placement of buildings in the surroundings, the best use of space, modern design and a pleasant stay for residents.


We accompany our cliennts all the way from the first idea to the completed project. We perfrom construction for the market, construction for investors, executive engineering, professional supervision, consulting engineering and other services. We provide services with professionally trained and experienced employees in the fields of architecture, construction, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and electronics, economincs, finance and law. Our references include residential buildings, tourist facilities, administrative and business facilities, industrial-storage and commercial facilities and facilities for education, sports and healthcare. We deal with construction and engineering in Slovenia and Croatia.

We approach every construction with enthusiasm and finish it with distinction.