New project - Vevče swimming pool area

6. Sep 2023
The company VG5 d.o.o. will revive and build the Vevče swimming pool area for the client, the Municipality of Ljubljana.

We took over the implementation of the entire demolition of the already existing swimming pool, which had been falling into disrepair for almost two decades, and the construction of a new one on a plot of land measuring over 10,700 m2. Among other things, we will renovate the outdoor Olympic pool, children's pools, outdoor pool for non-swimmers, indoor covered winter pool, saunas, gym and fitness. The main part of the building will have three floors, the ground floor and the first floor will be entirely wooden, while the basement will be concrete. In terms of volume, the facility will be in the shape of the letter L. We will also build new auxiliary facilities, which will be of a service nature.


In addition, we will arrange a children's playground and a volleyball court, exterior landscaping and landscaping, road connections and parking lots for all visitors to the complex.


Architects: Gužič Trplan