Opening ceremony of the House of the Halubai Bell Ringer in Viškovo, Croatia

8. May 2024
On Tuesday, April 30, 2024, the ceremonial opening of the constructed House of the Halubajski Zvončar took place in the municipality of Viškovo in Croatia. As befits the Halubaj bell ringers, they took over the streets of Viškova at the event and rang the bells at full volume. The house is actually a museum that will preserve and consolidate the tradition of bell-ringing as a cultural asset protected by UNESCO.

The ceremonial opening was also attended by the Croatian president, Zoran Milanović, who said of our constructed facility: "I came and I saw - the Pentagon." The facility covers 1,500 square meters and is really impressive at first glance. The building has two different types of ventilated facades, made of fiber-cement panels and made of Lipica stone. The building has two floors, on the ground floor there is a kitchen and bar and a playground for children, and on the first floor you can find all the important exhibits related to the tradition of Halubaj bell ringers.

We invite you to visit the imposing and above all interesting museum when you are near Rijeka.