Signed contract for the construction of the Vodmat residential residence in Ljubljana

9. Aug 2023
In the company VG5 d.o.o. we are looking forward to signing a new contract for the construction of the Vodmat residential neighborhood in Ljubljana with three residential buildings.

The planned construction area is located next to Pod ježami street in the area of the former Papir service. The plot of land intended for construction measures 8,190 m2, on which three residential blocks with 130 flats of 2K+F+4+T will be built. All three facilities will be connected to a common basement in which there will be 213 parking spaces. The gross square footage of all three buildings is 22,974.41 m2. As part of the residential blocks, two pubs are also planned, as well as bike racks, traffic arrangements and greening of the areas.

The buildings are designed as a massive reinforced concrete building with a 70 cm thick foundation slab, the roofs above the terrace floors are non-walkable with a final layer of pebbles as a combined inverted flat roof. The facade of the buildings is designed as a thin-layered contact facade in light tones, there is an aluminum cladding at the level of the floor slabs, and the facade of the terrace panels is designed as a ventilated facade made of aluminum composite facade panels.