Services - Construction for the investors

This type of construction includes:

  • construction of new and adaptation of old facilities of all purposes and for all customers who appear on the market with their investment needs. These are institutions and companies that invest in the construction of business, commercial, tourist and other facilities.
  • special projects, which include complex projects where we take control of the entire investment and construction process. We offer the investor assistance in preparing the construction, including the financial construction; the facility is built and fully operational. Good knowledge of investors, information about their strategies and development plans is crucial. 


IMG_1982.jpgConstruction of residential buildings today is a very diverse and branched industry. It includes the construction of detached blocks of flats, block settlements, multi-apartment houses, prestigious villas, basic single-family or multi-family houses. With development and progress in all areas, eco, passive or low-energy construction is coming to the fore.

Housing construction in its essence and appearance follows individualism and cost reduction, consequently it means cheapes maintenance. At VG5 we are aware of these needs of our clients and our goal is to build such residential buildings, the construction of which will still be ratinal and optimal for living in 20 or more years. We strive to build a house for life.

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TOURIST FACILITIES the segment of construction of tourist facilities, we cooperate with all the largest companies in Slovenia and understand the requirements of such clients. Among our completed works are both family and conference or wellness hotel facilities, which also differ in their offer or comfort (from three to five stars). Every client can completely rely on us in all aspects of the implementation, coordination and organization of the project until the nadover of the facility for use. We are also present abroad with the construction of hotels.

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ADMINISTRATIVE AND BUSINESS FACILITIES engineering knowledge and servise reliability are evidenced by our experience working on projects for demanding users. The clients of the construction of business facilities and office building are mainly companies that are expanding their capacities and which condition their service with prestige, technology, perfection and top-quality materials. The complete story is formed by mosaic of perfect details and individual sub-stories, from offices, receptions, front doors, lobbies, production halls, to toilets and parking lots. As a flexible engineering company, distinguished by high-rise building with excellence, we also have a professional team, which is necessary for quality construction and execution of business facilities - all under one roof and with one construction tactic.

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INDUSTRIAL-STORAGE AND COMMERCIAL FACILITIES is money. When we talk about construction for commercial and similar facilities, we are aware that usually such facilities need to be opened within a few months. The construction of industrial warehouse or commercial facilities is no easier than others. In this segment of construction the most important thing for client is to reach the deadline for the implementation or opening the facility, followed, of course, by quality, which cannot be compensated by anything, followed by the price framework in the third place. The construction of storage and industrial premises is also a challenge that we tackle holistically.

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FACILITIES FOR EDUCATION, SPORT AND HEALTHCARE build schools, health centres and other socially important facilities. The construction of educational, sport and medical facilities usually includes other constructions in the vicinity, such as repair or reconstruction of roads, construction of parking lots, roundabouts... New, advanced and improved eco materials are also important in this type of construction, which add to their added value and also to the local environment in which they are embedded.

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