Completion of the reconstruction of the building from the 19th century

10. Oct 2022
In Gorenja vas, we have completed all works on the reconstruction and construction of the extension of the building from the 19th century for the client Center for the Blind, Visually Impaired and Elderly Škofja Loka. With the change of purpose, the facility will serve as a daycare and temporary accommodation for people over 65 years old, named "House of Generations".

The building underwent a static renovation. Since it was an older building, it was necessary to carry out systematic injection of stone walls and line injection of existing cracks. We established a hydrophobic insulation barrier at the pressure level of the ground floor and hydrophobic plaster. We demolished the old extension and built a new one, which contains an elevator and a staircase. With a comprehensive reconstruction, we provided accommodation for a total of 22 people.

We are happy that with our work we can revive old buildings and at the same time preserve the culture and history of the place where they are located.